Commenced in 1979 and about 2,000 chimneys later. we are still here cleaning chimneys.

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We are local and family owned chimney business, providing your chimneys with the most spotless service for over 39 years. We are dedicated to taking care of all your chimney related needs with our efficient high quality workmanship and ensure that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction time after time. Our clients trust us to get the job done whilst causing minimal disruption, leaving your chimney soot free and your home dust free

Our chimney services include cleaning, supply and install of chimney dampers and rotating cowls, capping, and unblocking chimneys, solving your smoking problems, and much more. All of our services are available at competitive prices that are affordable to you. We make sure every property and chimney that we work on are thoroughly cared and promise to work carefully and safely to all industry standards and regulations.

Who is responsible for having the chimney swept in a rental property?

The occurrence of chimney fires, especially in the winter months, highlights the importance of ensuring that all chimneys are swept annually by a professional chimney sweep.  However, a chimney’s primary function is to carry dangerous flue gases from the fireplace or wood burner safely out of the property.  

Under Section 53 of the Landlord and Tenant Act the Landlord is legally responsible for ensuring the safety, working and servicing of all heating and hot water installations. Although the wording can seem ambiguous, this also refers to open fires, coal and wood burning stoves.  This responsibility includes all flues and ventilation, therefore under this Act, it is the Landlord’s responsibility to have all chimneys swept annually in a rental property. 

Any noticeable cracks or detereation of the brick work 

The chimney stack/flue must be above the ridge line of the roof

The Chimney cap set correctly

The crown covers the top of your chimney and prevents water from seeping down between the brick and flue liners. 

A very common problem with the lower section are heat cracks. This occurs when the chimney can’t compensate quick enough to accommodate high heat thermal expansion and results in cracking. When this happens the cracks on your chimney are much like cracks on a windshield- they start off small but will grow over time

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is Odorless, Colorless and Doesn’t Show Symptoms Until It’s Too Late

Birds and small animals that nest in your chimney can cause blockages that force Carbon monoxide (CO) back into your home. Even though carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless,  tasteless, and does not immediately show symptoms when it poisons its victims, it is extremely dangerous. Be sure to keep operational carbon monoxide detectors in place around your home, especially in the rooms with fireplaces or wood stoves.

A blocked chimney, a broken chimney connector pipe, a rusted heat exchanger or a deteriorated chimney could cause carbon monoxide to build up and seep into your home rather than out.

Having a chimney sweep come to your home to inspect and clean your chimney will also help catch some of these potential poisoning dangers.

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